The core vision of Krista's Language Connection (KLC)- Borderless Communication is to:

    provide exceptional quality assistance

    facilitate increased confidence

    foster a caring and confidential environment

    improve auditory, oral, and written communication skills

We believe in advancing personal dreams, dedicating our team efforts to work with you, side-by-side, from inception to completion of each task, realizing every goal.

Whether you are a novice, beginning your English journey, consider yourself an intermediate level English speaker or writer, are in the process of advanced degree studies, participate in research, serve as a professor, live in America, or reside overseas, our experienced and expert staff can help you.

Our Services section presents a broad, yet not exhaustive, list of methods accessible to you. Direct your life afresh with:

    Conversational English

    Interview preparation

    Presentation preparation

    And more...

The sky is the limit. Now is the time to ride life and enjoy the process.

KLC Communications Vision